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advice for buyers

Good advice for buyers.

being informed


1-Being informed

 The first and most important thing about being informed is to work out what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want’ in your new home. Needs are essentials. Wants are features and fittings that can be acquired over time. Important things to consider are location, proximity to facilities and services you need, the required size of the home and the area of the land the property is on. When you have decided on what you need, then start thinking about the home you want to buy. New or old home – renovating is fun, but it can be expensive and disruptive. Gardens and grounds – maintenance of grounds and gardens may be time consuming, and possibly expensive. Features and fixtures – what appliances and fittings are vital, and what can be added later. Talk to people and learn as much as you can about the property buying and selling process. You can look into real estate values in your preferred areas by attending auctions and speaking with different real estate agents.

Shopping around

2-Shopping around

Start to shop around once you have a clear idea of what you are seeking. Find out the services and products offered by real estate agents, solicitors and loan providers. Not all services are the same, and the cost may vary greatly from one service provider to the next.

Be mindful that the cheapest quote offered may not be the best option for you. Also remember that any money you save can be gainfully used in purchasing your new home. Buyer

advice for buyers

3-Ask questions that are important to you

If you find a property you like, make sure you ask the real estate agent questions that are important to you about the property’s history, location and characteristics. Stigma associated with a property will affect the property price and the decision of purchasers as to whether they will purchase the property. A stigmatised property is one that has a stigma attached to it due to something that has happened at the property or near the property such as asbestos, murder, major crime, health or safety issues including toxic waste and chemical residue.

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